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Check back in for details about the BoatHouse Project, July 4,5 &6, at the Brock Schreiber Boat House in Inverness California

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The BoatHouse Project is the first installment of an ambitious new artistic venture designed to appeal to all of the senses. Envisioned by Julia Adam, a unique fusion of dance, music, food, location and community will inspire all participants to form connections between people and place through visceral experience and art.

This annual event launches July 4th-6th, 2014 at the historic Brock Schreiber Boathouse perched on the western edge of picturesque Tomales Bay in Pt. Reyes National Seashore.  The event is centered on Adam’s Dew Point, a dance conceptually driven by themes of water.  Set to a diverse score ranging from Saint-Saens to Phillip Glass; Louis Armstrong to Jeff Buckley and performed by a cast of nationally acclaimed dancers.  Adam’s long time collaborators and award winning designers Christine Darch and Lisa Pinkham will complete the visual experience.

Each evening local chef, Matt Elias, will provide food and drink from the region. The weekend culminates Sunday night with a gala event in the boathouse where a rustic farm-to-table meal will be served. Near dusk, everyone will move to the dock for dessert while dinner is cleared and the stage is set. As the performance begins, the sun setting on the bay and rolling hills provide a stunning backdrop.  Post performance the evening proceeds with live music, dancing and a waterside bonfire.  Dancers, patrons, musicians, chefs, servers and crew will all connect as one community, while the evening plays on.

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