The ETHOS of Julia Adam Dance sparks and fosters the wisdom of what ties us to
Our home and to each other through community, art, food and the natural world.

Julia Adam Dance presented AIR, the third episode in our elemental journey of the senses,
in our new magical West Marin location July 15-17 and July 22-24, 2016


The evening began with a stroll through the magical fields of Big Mesa Farm vegetables past the meandering cypress table where guests were treated with wines from Enkidu and beers from Fieldwork and Hen House.


Early bites of house made charcuterie were snacked on as the rest of of the audience found their way before sitting to a fresh bite of steak tartare of Holistic Ag beef. Each evening the talented team of chefs served a multi-course array crafted from Big Mesa Farms vegetables supplemented with other local and regional producers combined with True Grass Farms pork and lamb and Holistic Ag Beef. Between courses guests would refresh with a short walk through the row beds that nourished them.


AIR was centered on the premiere of A Delicate Balance in which Adam explores the delicate nature of our atmosphere through the lens of Alice in Wonderland. Alice falls through the hole in the ozone to visit a land where the inhabitants are indulgent, wasteful and oblivious to the decay of the environment around them.


We are hard at work crafting our next adventure, furthering our mission of
providing a cultural experience at the intersection of food, the environment, community, and art.


Come be held by nature, nourished by our team of farmers, ranchers and chefs,
stimulated by a community of like mind, and moved by our family of artists and dancers.

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